Krishi Patrika, Nepal

A Fortnightly Newsletter on Agricultural & Forestry Technologies, Farmers Rights and Analytical News  

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Krishi Patrika

A Fortnightly Newsletter on Agricultural & Forestry Technologies, Farmers Rights and Analytical News

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        "Krishi Patrika" - a newsletter on Agricultural & Forestry Technologies, Farmers Right and Analytical News; targeted to farmer and rural communities; published fortnightly in  Nepali language- is a first of its kind. The targeted readers are farmer groups, cooperatives, forestry user groups and concerned GOs/NGOs/INGOs.

        The newspaper is registered with the Government of Nepal, registration number Ji. Pra.Ka.Kath. Darta No. 260/2064/065;  and with General Post Offoce, regd no. Go.Hu. Ka. Da. No. 29/2064/065. The newspaper is publishing regularly from 26 Mansir 2064, Wed (12 November, 2007), on every 1st and 16th of the Nepali month. 

        The objectives of this newsletter is to create awareness about new technologies and publish articles on agriculture & forestry, diffusion of government's programs/policies, advocacy of farmers right, issues observed by the farmers and share news/views/experiences of farmers and concerned organisations for the betterment of farming and peasantry.

        We are expecting your valuable comments and suggestions to improve the quality of this paper and further request all our users to send articles, news, successful stories, any view points and other relevant information.

        This paper is a non-political, non-communal and non-profit making publication; solely devoted to the upliftment of the farmers  welfare.


Rameshwar Singh Pande

Chabahil-7, PO Box 10245, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Tel.  (977 1) 4460861.